Available Bird Projects:

If you are interested in joining our lab, please send us an email expression of interest, explaining your background and research interests.
Please send your email to Dr. Ingo Schiffner i.schiffner@uq.edu.au

Visual guidance of bird flight
Using high speed cameras, we are investigating how birds (budgerigars) use visual information to control speed and measure the distance they have flown. The birds are subjected to moving patterns projected onto the side walls of a 25 m long tunnel, allowing direct manipulation of the visual cues that they perceive in flight. This project is part of an international collaboration with scientists from Stanfo rd and the University of British Columbia.

Mid-air collision avoidance in birds
In cooperation with Boeing and scientists from the University of Newcastle we are investigating the ability of birds to avoid mid air collisions, when facing incoming obstacles or other birds. The aim of this study is to gain a better understanding of how birds manage to avoid such collisions and derive simple rules for collision avoidance that would enhance the safety of commercial air travel.