Available Bee Projects:

If you are interested in joining our lab, please send us an email expression of interest, explaining your background and research interests.
Please send your email to Prof. Dr. Mandyam V. Srinivasan m.srinivasan@uq.edu.au

Biologically inspired detection, pursuit, and interception of moving objects by unmanned aircraft systems
Although it is well known that aggressive honeybees are very effective at detecting, pursuing and intercepting moving targets, this behaviour has never been studied quantitatively. We are using high-speed video cinematography to investigate this behaviour, to develop visual algorithms for the detection of moving targets, and to create dynamical models of the mechanisms that control pursuit. The resulting algorithms will be incorporated into unmanned aerial vehicles for detecting, monitoring and tracking other objects in the sky. The results will provide a better understanding of the biological basis of pursuit behaviour, as well as lead to novel technologies for aerial surveillance and safety. Openings are available for prospective Ph.D. students.

Perception of pain in simple nervous systems
Research over the past twenty years has revealed that cognitive behaviour in honeybees is much more sophisticated than hitherto assumed. The next frontier is to investigate whether these creatures are capable of experiencing pain. This project combines behavioural and physiological approaches to address this question. Openings are available for prospective Ph.D. students.