The goal of our laboratory is to understand how vision guides and shapes behaviour. Finely-tuned behaviour is critical to the survival of any species, and this competition for survival promotes the evolution of better visual systems. This is readily apparent to anyone observing a bird achieving a collision-free flight through a dense forest, a bee orchestrating a smooth landing, or a president ducking to evade a flying shoe. Today's robots perform such tasks with far less finesse. Our mission is to better understand how the eye and brain solve complex visuomotor tasks, and to explore the possibilities of using this understanding to design novel strategies for machines that see, perceive, and fly.

We pursue three broad themes:

Low-level vision and navigation in honeybees Visual guidance of flight in birds Biologically inspired vision systems

Here is a list of selected publications from our laboratory:

R.J. D. Moore, G.J. Taylor, A.C. Paulk, T. Pearson, B. van Swinderen, and M.V. Srinivasan (2014)
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P. Bhagavatula, C. Claudianos, M. Ibbotson and M.V. Srinivasan (2009)
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